Fairshare Media World Architecture


Fairshare Media World is owned, created, designed, and operated by DACC Systems AB in Sweden.

Fairshare Media World is an independent and European alternative for low cost and partly free Internet broadcast and streaming of content, where the content owner has full control and keeps all the rights of the content including how to set the price if any. By bringing the sharing economy to the Internet Fairshare Media World is able to operate without inserting any polluting ads neither before (pre-roll), into (mid-roll) or after (post-roll) the videos. The videos may, however, be ads themselves or include ads, but that is the responsibility of the owner of the video.

To enjoy any content or service on Fairshare Media World, the user needs an Internet enabled device (PC, MAC, Set-Top-Box, Tablet, Smartphone) with an HTML5 and WebRTC compatible browser, currently Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Anybody can view free content with no required App downloads or browser plug-ins, while premium (paid) content requires the user to be registered and have a Payment Account. Please see: Join for more information.

To broadcast, the owner of the content needs an App, which is available for download from the Fairshare Media World portal for those who are registered as Producer. Please see: Broadcast. After installation the App resides on the computer and needs not be downloaded again.

All content on the Fairshare Media World network is provided to the viewer through streaming on the Internet. Streams are only available through the Fairshare Media World portal, which handles authentication and authorization for users when required. Download of content is not possible through Fairshare Media World.

Fairshare Media World also provides a forum for creators who want to find partners to create fantastic content of any kind and to discuss existing content. Please see: Minds. To post on Minds the user must be registered.
Fairshare Media World is a peer-to-peer network so it completely relies on resources provided by its users. These resources are Up-time (Time online during viewing and as long the browser tab is up), Upload/Seeding Bandwidth, Caching capacity, and Processing Power for secondary seeding. The more users that are connected and online, the faster and more reliable the broadcast network will be.

There is no Digital Rights Management (DRM) included in Fairshare Media World.

There is no formal customer support organization because Fairshare Media World is operated as a community of responsible users in a co-operative way based on self-service and as a low cost Content Distribution Network (CDN). The Fairshare Media World Team will, however, do its best to support and answer any questions.

There are some unique advantages:

  • Very low cost (Free for Basic broadcasters) to broadcast with unlimited viewing hours.
  • Easy to use and self service operation with included tutorials.
  • Integrated payment system for Premium Content, Premium Subscriptions, Premium Broadcast App purchase.
  • Your broadcasts and videos will never be polluted with ads by us - no advertisements will pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll your content.
  • Your videos or TV productions may contain your own promotions and advertisements, i.e. you may create and operate your own ads and marketing channels on Fairshare Media World.
  • Unlimited viewing hours at no extra cost for you. We don't charge you even if you get millions of viewers of your show or video.
  • Handling of mass distribution (flash crowds) is an integrated feature.
  • You, the Content owner, keep all rights and have full control including pricing.
  • The content always stays in your PC or server, it is never up-loaded to any cloud server unless you do it yourself, it only streams to your viewers and is only temporary stored in their browsers.

Content owners e.g. independent film makers, film schools, TV producers, musicians, journalists, photographers, writers, PR agencies, companies, organisations, and any others who want to distribute their own content and even get paid for it are welcome. Interested content owners who want to know more are free to contact us or DACC Systems AB or just register as Producer and download the broadcast App to get started.