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It's easy!
Create and edit your videos and music with your usual tools and broadcast free with unlimited viewing hours directly from your own Mac or Linux server or laptop by publishing on Fairshare Media World. You don't have to upload your content files to any streaming server. Everything stays in your own computers and under your own control all the time. All you need is our App and this is how you get it:

  • First you join the Fairshare Media World community and get a free Producer account unless you are a registered as Producer already. If you are not yet registered you can do it here.
  • Then you get a link to the App description and download links for Linux or Mac versions. (The Basic version is free! The Premium version with a Graphical User Interface and video editing and transcoding features costs €20 and will soon be available.)
  • Select your version and download it to your Linux PC or server or Mac computer and follow the instructions, install it, and place (copy to or drag and drop) the video file in the BROADCAST directory, which has been created by the App during installation.
  • As a Producer you will have access to the Add Content feature here on Fairshare Media World. Click on the "Add Content" link and follow the instructions.
  • You will be able to create your own Channel with your selected logotype/image. Within the Channel you can broadcast as many videos (or other content) as you like by open the (create) P2P broadcast page and fill out the form and click on SAVE at the bottom of the page. Then you are done and the video will broadcast on Internet during the time you set and keep your server or PC online!
  • If you like you may as an alternative send your video(s) to us for broadcast from our servers 24/7 for a small fee.
  • Now you start your life as a TV broadcaster.

    Please note:The PC or server must be connected to Internet through a broadband connection with at least 5 Mbits/s uplink (Via WiFi, fiber, cable, or 4G/5G) during all the time you serve your viewers.

    Content must be and can only be published on Fairshare Media World, but you can always post a link to your content on any web site or social media page.

    Content that is illegal, infringing, obscene, abusive, and offensive or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party or violates our Terms of Use is not allowed and may be removed by us without further notice. Repeated violations may result in all your channels being removed from Fairshare Media World and your broadcast account closed down permanently.