Fairshare Media World is an independent, fully legal, and secure video streaming and discussion community of users – consumers and providers – that help each other to achieve best quality experience at lowest possible cost. Fairshare Media World does not insert any ads into the published videos or TV broadcasts, although the videos themselves may be or contain ads.

To enjoy any content or service on Fairshare Media World, the user needs an Internet enabled device with a compatible browser (The browser must be HTML5 and WebRTC compatible - currently Chrome, Firefox, and Opera). Free content can be enjoyed anonymously while paid content, comments and the active use of the contact/discussion forum Minds requires registration as a member of the community.

Any member who is registered as Producer (minimum age is 18 years) can stream and broadcast hers/his own content (Please see Terms of Use.) when our App is downloaded and installed in hers/his PC or server. The Basic App is free to download while the Premium App needs to be paid for via the Payment System before download. The App is currently available for Linux (Tested with Ubuntu) but versions for OSX and possibly Windows (8 and 10) are planned. Suitable versions can be downloaded from the links you will see once you are registered as a Producer member of Fairshare Media World.

In order to register you go to Create new account, fill out the form with at least all REQUIRED fields and press SAVE, answer the confirmation email within 24 hours, and you are member of the Fairshare Media World community.
The completed registration also provides you with a Payer Account in the Payment System of Fairshare Media World. If you put money into this account through credit card or PayPal, you can pay for: (1) Premium Content, (2) Premium Subscriptions, and (3) The Premium (broadcast) App.
The Payer Account cannot be used for any other purposes due to security reasons and no money can be withdrawn from the account to pay for other goods or transferred to other accounts. Members registered as Producers will get a Receiver Account which is used when they provide Premium Content and Premium Subscriptions. They will be able to withdraw money from their Receiver Account after they have provided DACC with a confirmed bank account.

If you don't want to keep your computer online all the time, you may upload to Fairshare Media World for broadcast 24/7 directly from a Fairshare Media World server for a small fee. For this you will need to sign a contract with us. Please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary permit and instructions.

Content that is illegal, infringing, obscene, abusive, and offensive or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party IS NOT ALLOWED. Please see Terms of Use.

We welcome all content owners e.g. independent film makers, film schools, TV producers, musicians, journalists, photographers, writers, companies, organizations, and any others who want to distribute their own content and even get paid for it. Interested content owners who want to know more are welcome to contact DACC Systems AB or just register as Producer and download and install the broadcast App to get started.