Price List

Price List
Valid from 2017-12-01 until further notice.


To View and listen to Free TV and VoD on Fairshare Media World

  • Anonymous viewing: Free
  • Commenting: Free, but requires registration. Please see Join.
  • Registration: Free (Registrants also get an account in the payment system. The account is initially empty but can be filled by credit card or PayPal. The account is used to pay for Premium Content, Premium Subscriptions, Premium (broadcast) App, and optional upload of videos to broadcast from the Fairshare Media World servers.

To View and listen to Premium Content (TV and VoD) and Access Premium Subscription (Pay-) Channels on Fairshare Media World

  • Registration (see above) is required and the account must have enough money to pay the actual price, which is set by the content owner.

To Broadcast from own PC/Server (Requires free registration as Producer)

  • Basic Broadcast App for PC/Server (Linux and Mac) with unlimited Viewing Hours: Free.
  • Premium Broadcast App for PC/server (Linux and Mac) with unlimited Viewing Hours: €20 (SEK 200) (approximately $22 (USD)).
  • Publishing on Fairshare Media World in the own Channels' EPG (Event Program Guide): Free, part of the Broadcast App features.
  • Unlimited Viewing Hours are always completely FREE.
  • If the Content or Channel has a price (Premium Content or Premium (Pay-) Channel) or allows donations, the owner keeps 90% and Fairshare Media World gets 10% of the income for handling.
  • The owner of the Content or the Pay Channel (Subscription Channel) sets the actual price.
  • Advanced Statistics: Separate pricelist, please contact DACC Systems AB.
  • Optional Upload of video to Fairshare Media World server for 24/7 broadcast: Separate pricelist, please contact DACC Systems AB.
    • To Post, Discuss, and Comment on Minds

      • Free, but you must be a Registered User.